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Clamp Bar-F with Sil-Glass Insulation Backing:

Bar (F)
Step by Step Consumables Assembly Guide.
Bill of Materials:
Force Global Heat Seal Bar F1. Ropex Bar Components.

Step #1
Clean jaw bar surface, remove old tape residue and ensure jaw bar surface is clean and smooth.
Note ... bar preparation is a key step in the creation of a perfect heat seal.

Bar width = 19.0 mm (0.75")
Force Global Heat Seal Bar F2. Ropex Bar Components.
Step #2
Apply Silicone glass fibre (Sil-Glass) insulation.
Part No. 100746
Silicone Glass Fibre Insulation (Sil-Glass)
15.0 mm (Width) x 1.0 mm (Thickness) x 1050 mm (Length)
Adhesive Backed
Force Global Heat Seal Bar F3. Ropex Bar Components.
Step #3
Apply PTFE tape over the Sil-Glass jaw bar insulation. This will prolong the insulation life.
Part No. 100892
AP-15, Roll = 30 m
45.0 mm (Width) x 0.15 mm
(Thickness) x 30 m (Length)
Adhesive Backed
Force Global Heat Seal Bar F4. Ropex Bar Components.
Step #4
Optional ... apply masking tape to PTFE Tape sides to aid with adhesion.

This information is provided as a guide to illustrate some of the various heat seal bar configurations that are possible with components and consumables Force Global offer.
This web page is the property of Force Global LLC and may not be reproduced in whole or part, nor used for any purpose without the written consent of Force Global LLC.


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