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ROPEX Resistron RES-5008 Resistron Controller:

RES-5008 | USA

The ROPEX Resistron RES-5008 controller utilizes microprocessor technology for sensorless, closed-loop control of impulse heating elements. The ROPEX RES-5008 is designed for simple plug-in system integration.

The use of ROPEX Resistron controls goes beyond impulse heat sealers, form fill machines, and converting equipment. ROPEX Resistron controllers also provide a solution for an extensive range of heating applications:

  • Heat-seal-bands and cutting-wires ... for hermetic sealing, and trimming of flexible films

  • Zebra and intermittent heat-seal-bands ... for skip seals and packaging ventilation

  • Impulse heating tools ... for activation of adhesives used in the bonding of non-thermoplastic materials

  • Flexible or rigid impulse blades ... for scoring, cutting, and bending of thermoplastics

  • Impulse heater coils ... for hot air bonding, and scoring of thermoplastics

  • 2D and 3D contour heat-seal-elements ... for custom shaped heat-sealing, and heat-seal plus cuttings

The ROPEX Resistron RES-5008 contains the following features:

ROPEX RES-5008 Features:Ropex Resistron RES-5008 and T-408 Terminal

  • µC-Technology

  • Separate terminal for operator display

  • Automatic zero calibration (AUTOCAL)

  • Automatic optimization (AUTOTUNE)

  • Automatic frequency adjustment

  • Large current and voltage range

  • Alarm function with fault diagnostics

  • 10VDC analog output for ACTUAL temperature

  • Selectable temperature range (0...300°C, 0...500°C)

  • 24VDC isolated control signals for START and PREHEAT

  • Automatic configuration of secondary voltage and current ranges

  • Automatic phase angle compensation

  • Selectable heatseal band alloy (A20 (Alloy-20), A20L, Low-Ex)

  • Ropex RES-5008 (V3) Operating Instructions:Ropex pdf
    Ropex RES-408 to RES-5008 Upgrade Instructions:Ropex pdf

ROPEX RES-5008 Resistron Part Numbers:

    Power Supply 110...480VAC:

    • Ropex Resistron RES-5008/110...480VAC Part No. 7500800

    Terminal T-408-1

    • T-408-1 Part No. 885441

    Sub-D connecting cable

    • 2m Part No. 884202

    • 5m Part No. 884205

    • 10m Part No. 884210

    Alternate industry names for RES-5008 controllers:

    • RES-5008, RES5008, RES_5008, res-5008, res5008, res_5008

ROPEX Visual® for RES-5008:

ROPEX Visual® enables you to connect directly to the RES-5008 Resistron controller, giving you direct access to controller settings and error codes.

Ropex Visual for RES-5008 Controllers
  • Free Windows PC software.

  • Communication via controller Micro-USB (PC USB to controller USB 2.0 micro-B).

  • Display setpoint and actual temperatures
    in real time.

  • Monitor and record controller operation.

  • Review and edit controller configurable data.

  • Password protected access .

  • ROPEX Visual® Documentation:Ropex pdf
    ROPEX Visual® Software:Ropex pdf

Suitable for use with 5000 and 6000 series RESISTRON/CIRUS temperature controllers with USB port (ROPEX Visual®).

ROPEX Accessories and Modifications:

... available for the Ropex Resistron Heatseal Controllers:

ROPEX RES-5008 Factory Repairs and Upgrades:

We offer a large range of Ropex Resistron RES impulse heatseal temperature control units, to minimize your down time, and eliminate non-compliant repairs.

All Force Global controller repairs are performed by Ropex service technicians.


P: 414 507-9378


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